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The FORMULA!  At some point, we are all search for it.  What kind of light did they use in that photo?  What type of modifier was that?  What were the camera settings when you shot that?  Let’s go ahead and answer all of those questions right now.  ‘It doesn’t freakin’ matta!’

The FORMULA is you.  That’s why FocalFormulas.com was started. Photography is subjective … everything about photography is subjective.  Which camera is better?  Which lens should I use for portraits?  What software should I use to process my images?  RAW or JPEG (JPEG?!?!?!? … Okay, some things are just wrong).  FocalFormulas.com is not here to tell you Canon or Nikon is better or Photoshop should be used instead of Lightroom but it is here to help give you the information to make that decision for yourself.

The FORMULA has always been you.  So let’s throw on the lab coat, strap on some camera gear and do this thing.  It’s not as hard as you think and best of all, it’s FREE!


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