From Iphone to Android

From Iphone to Android

I never would have thought that I would make a switch from my trusty iPhone to an Android but I did.  Why you ask?  Simply because Apple did not offer a 32gb iPhone when I went in to question my upgrade options.  It was a bit like buying a car.  You go into the dealer (AT&T) thinking that you are just going to look around and all of sudden you are walking out with a new phone asking yourself, “What did I just do?  MY IPHONE!!!”  So was it the right choice?  Believe it or not … Yes!  I’m going to lay out a few reasons why in case any of you are contemplating the switch from iPhone to Android.

First of all, be aware that the model makes a huge difference in the impression you will have of the platform.  In this sense, Apple is very vanilla in the phones offered and that is a good, if not great thing.  Androids are all over the place when it comes to phones and flavors of the OS.  From Lollipop to KitKat to IceCream … who the hell knows?  For those of you who like it simple and conforming to one idea … stick to the iPhone.  The unit I made my switch to was the Samsung S6 Active (presently only available from AT&T).  As a techie and photographer this phone blew me away.  The side by side speed versus the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seemed comparable although the iPhone benchmark tests come in faster in some categories and AT&T sales people say the Samsung is the fastest phone on the market with it’s 8 cores and 3gb of memory.  Only offered in the 32gb version, the phone gives you a nice start in storage for photos and video.  The photos are AAAAAMMMAAZING for a phone! Unfortunately, adding a micro-sd card is not an option in the new S6 line from Samsung.  In my opinion, less to go wrong.  Diehard Android users will hate the idea of that but iPhone users have been used to that since the dawn of the iPhone.

So what are the pros of the S6 Active and Android OS (Lollipop) versus the iPhone 6/6 Plus?

  1. Google platform for continuity.  Everything from your Google arsenal is available on your phone or anywhere else that Google is accepted.  Ok … lame joke but the fact that I was able to EASILY move everything from itunes and the iPhone to my Google platform hooked me.  That’s right, the Google lady (not Siri) had me at “Hello”.  “Ok Google …” in my opinion takes Siri and spanks her for not doing well in school and studying all of her material.  You have to give it a try.
  2. If you are a techie, like me, you will find adding the app Tasker saves you on what you would spend in $20 or more of iPhone apps (more room for photos). Here’s a video that gives you a bit more information on tasker and its capabilities.
  3. The open platform to allow you to customize your phone anyway you dream of doing so.  This one goes into the cons also because you could really screw things up if you go about these type of modifications willy-nilly.
  4. Concerning the S6 Active … super durable, light, thin, longer lasting battery than the previous S6 and the iPhone 6, images are … I’m sorry … I can’t speak … “Breath-taking!!!!”  It does no good to show you on your computer screen because it would not do it justice.  Oh … did I mention this phone is basically waterproof up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes and it still works as good as it does out of the water.  No more wet fingers keeping you from sliding across the screen.  Here is one of many videos demonstrating the waterproof stress test.
  5. The good thing about the iPhone is that it is intuitive and if you know how to use IOS 4 you will easily adjust to 5, 6, 7, 8 etc.  That is big for many people and you can’t fault anyone for wanting to stick to what they know.  The one thing I will say though is that if you are willing to step outside of the Apple box (all the photographers get it) your mobile WORLD becomes a UNIVERSE.

Now the cons of the Samsung S6 Active and Android OS versus the iPhone6/6 Plus:

  1. It can take a few days to adjust and learn the Android OS if you have spent a lot of time on the Apple IOS.
  2. I rarely had to reboot my Apple but I do find myself rebooting my Android maybe once a week.  As a techie I actually understand this with the Android devices.  The S6 Active is more like a computer (typically you always need to reboot your PCs) and the iPhone is more like a large USB key with a screen (like my Mac).  There are pluses to both of those form factors but I have to dig to find my cons for this phone and OS.
  3. The OS has a lot of options.  Again, that is good and bad because sometimes people just want to have a reduced menu with not a lot of choices.  That being said, if they took away those options now that I am used to them I would probably be a little upset.

So which one do you go for.  My honest opinion is that you can’t go wrong choosing either.  Look at it this way, your window is halfway open with the iPhone and fully open with the Android.  If you’re hot, that fully open window sure does come in handy but if you are a bit chilly, it’s nice to only have it halfway open.  The good thing is that you can lock them both down to limit the use.  I like the open platform of the Samsung S6 Active w/Android OS.  Test them out for yourself but if you have been a diehard IOS user I would suggest going in with a very open mind.  Have fun!

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