How To Best Stay Alive When Shooting a Road Selfie

  How to best stay alive when shooting a road selfie.  You’re kidding, right?  The best way is to simply not shoot selfies while you’re driving … DUH!  Now that the lesson is over, let’s get to what brought this post to be one of our most important “formulas”.  Back in August of 2016, PetaPixel … Read more

Shooting Water Droplets

Focal Formulas - Shooting Water Droplets

  SHOOTING WATER DROPLETS In this episode of Focal Formulas I discuss the techniques and tools you can use to shoot amazing water droplets to create your own beautiful wall art. Vivitar Extension Tubes – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on Manual On-Camera Flash Speedlight – Flashpoint R1 Transmitter and Receiver Set for the Zoom Li-on … Read more

Painting with Light

Episode #2 of Focal Formulas discussing painting with light. This episode we venture out to a local guitar shop where we step into the dark to paint a portrait with light of Jorge, a jazz and classical guitar instructor. We had about 15 minutes to shoot Jorge so we paint him with light and create … Read more