How To Best Stay Alive When Shooting a Road Selfie

  How to best stay alive when shooting a road selfie.  You’re kidding, right?  The best way is to simply not shoot selfies while you’re driving … DUH!  Now that the lesson is over, let’s get to what brought this post to be one of our most important “formulas”.  Back in August of 2016, PetaPixel … Read more

Five Very Good Reasons For Drone (UAV) Use

Before I jump into the post I would first like to apologize for missing the Friday post.  It appears that I was not immune to the flu and strep throat bug.  Slowly but surely I’m recovering and as I was preparing my version of Air Force One for some Florida Everglades video documentation, I thought … Read more

My Proposed Laws For Commercial UAV (Drone) Use

“The drones are coming! The drones are coming!” Those are basically the words being uttered by some of the outraged general public. ‘Why are they outraged?’, you ask.  Some people feel as though the entrance and availability of these small drone (UAV) units has opened the flood gates to more and more mischief and violations … Read more

Fireworks, Drones and Photography

Although initially a bit doubtful of the festivities even happening, the south Florida 4th of July celebrations went off without a hitch and only a few rain drizzles with occasional lightning were seen.  This year I decided to photograph the fireworks at the local Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  You can see my “Fireworks … Read more

How Much Post Processing Is Too Much?

How much post processing is too much?  I would have to say that is a touchy subject among creatives.  Some artists may say it is their style and what they are known for.  Some may say you are destroying an image when the post production work is overdone or misrepresents the subject.  My questions and … Read more