Fireworks, Drones and Photography

Although initially a bit doubtful of the festivities even happening, the south Florida 4th of July celebrations went off without a hitch and only a few rain drizzles with occasional lightning were seen.  This year I decided to photograph the fireworks at the local Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  You can see my “Fireworks … Read moreFireworks, Drones and Photography


That’s right.  It’s that time again.  The 4th of July is here and of course you want to grab the best possible shots of all the local fireworks.  I know.  They just never seem to come out right.  No worries!  This year you’ve got my little secrets for capturing great fireworks photos.  I’ve decided what … Read moreTIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHING FIREWORKS

What Rights Do Photographers Have In Public?

What rights do photographers have in public?  With the emergence of drone technology there are growing questions that we in the photography and videography industry are facing when it comes to public photography and videography.   This begs for photographers and videographers to know their rights as a person trying to create art in public areas.  … Read moreWhat Rights Do Photographers Have In Public?