Shooting Water Droplets

Focal Formulas - Shooting Water Droplets

  SHOOTING WATER DROPLETS In this episode of Focal Formulas I discuss the techniques and tools you can use to shoot amazing water droplets to create your own beautiful wall art. Vivitar Extension Tubes – Flashpoint Zoom Li-on Manual On-Camera Flash Speedlight – Flashpoint R1 Transmitter and Receiver Set for the Zoom Li-on … Read more

Painting with Light

Episode #2 of Focal Formulas discussing painting with light. This episode we venture out to a local guitar shop where we step into the dark to paint a portrait with light of Jorge, a jazz and classical guitar instructor. We had about 15 minutes to shoot Jorge so we paint him with light and create … Read more

Fast Track To Improving Your Digital Photography – Focal Formula

Let me first start by saying that there is no true fast track to improving your digital photography or really anything that we do.  Whatever you want to improve will require some dedication and hard work. Are you still there?  Now that we have weeded out the people who want the shortcut to success, I … Read more