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How To Best Stay Alive When Shooting a Road Selfie

How To Best Stay Alive When Shooting a Road Selfie
January 9, 2017 Ken

How To Best Stay Alive When Shooting a Road Selfie

How to best stay alive when shooting a road selfie.  You’re kidding, right?  The best way is to simply not shoot selfies while you’re driving … DUH!  Now that the lesson is over, let’s get to what brought this post to be one of our most important “formulas”.  Back in August of 2016, PetaPixel posted a really interesting article and set of statistics on ‘Which States Take The Most #DrivingSelfies’.  I hate to say that my home state of Florida came in third on the list.  That’s third in the most regrettable way folks.  I would hope that we had never made the list but I have a feeling that South Florida may have contributed to putting us into the top three.

The Auto Insurance Center used Instagram hashtags, from over 70,000 posts, like #hopeidontcrash, #drivingselfie, and #selfiewhiledriving to figure out which states had drivers most likely to risk their lives taking a selfie while driving.I can’t speak for the other states but if you live in Florida you can’t have missed the often seen driver taking the selfie while cruising down I-95 at 75 m.p.h.  I catch a glimpse of one almost every weekday.  C’mon Florida!  If there is one list we want to remove ourselves from, it’s this one.  The complete article which reveals the top 10 states most like and least likely to risk their lives taking selfies while driving can be found over at   Check it out and share this post (you can do that right below) with people you care about.  No photo, especially a selfie, is worth your life or others.

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