Focal Formulas - Preserving your body for photography

Back Pain and Seahorse Case Review

In this episode of Focal Formulas I discuss preserving your body in photography. So many photographers suffer from back pain due to the need to carry numerous lenses, bodies etc. when going on a shoot or job. I give you one of many alternatives to the straight backpack in the option of a Seahorse SE920 hard case. At the time of this video the case was pretty hard to come by and my order was received from an Ebay store in California. The link to that store is below but you may also find the case at stores like Adorama. Remember, as a photographer you will want the 920 model with the wheels. There are many different versions so pay close attention to what you order with these models. There may be as many as 10 SKUs for the SE920 so choose wisely.

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