Focal Formula Series: The Exposure Triangle Explained – Part One

Have you just purchased a new DSLR? Are you looking to get out of automatic and explore what your new camera can actually help you do? Then I encourage you to follow my focal formula series of posts to help you learn the tips and tricks and necessities in using your camera system. As with … Read moreFocal Formula Series: The Exposure Triangle Explained – Part One

Taking Better Pet Photos With Your iPhone (Camera Phone)

They seem to be in everyone’s pockets nowadays.  The infamous camera phone. Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android most us have the ability to capture those special moments at the drop of a dime. And for many people, camera phones are used to remind us of those cute things done by those we love. … Read moreTaking Better Pet Photos With Your iPhone (Camera Phone)

Personal Privacy and Photography: When Did It All Change?

When did it all change? A person pulls out a camera to photograph the congestion of people in Times Square. Just as they pull the camera from their eye they notice someone running towards them screaming obscenities and waving their hands. This is not exactly how you pictured it for some of the past greats … Read morePersonal Privacy and Photography: When Did It All Change?

Wardrobe and Photography

“What should I wear?” How often do you hear that question before an upcoming portrait shoot? I recently had a client ask this common question before their upcoming shoot. I decided why not write a blog post on it to help others who might be getting ready for shoots with their photographer. Typically I would … Read moreWardrobe and Photography

Fireworks, Drones and Photography

Although initially a bit doubtful of the festivities even happening, the south Florida 4th of July celebrations went off without a hitch and only a few rain drizzles with occasional lightning were seen.  This year I decided to photograph the fireworks at the local Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  You can see my “Fireworks … Read moreFireworks, Drones and Photography


That’s right.  It’s that time again.  The 4th of July is here and of course you want to grab the best possible shots of all the local fireworks.  I know.  They just never seem to come out right.  No worries!  This year you’ve got my little secrets for capturing great fireworks photos.  I’ve decided what … Read moreTIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHING FIREWORKS